Whether you are growing at a modest pace or experiencing explosive growth, you need back-office systems that are easy to use, flexible and can scale with you all the way. Systems which support and even accelerate your growth and not distract or stand in the way of it.

growth cycle


To achieve high growth and capitalize on it your organization needs to fire on all cylinders. The less you have to work on scaling your operations, the more you can focus on building your business. That is why we have built Accumulus Automate to help you automate the entire subscription lifecycle, letting you focus your energies on the opportunities in front of you.


Devising growth strategies and testing them requires systems which are both flexible and can track the right information to inform your path. Accumulus let's you find out what and how much your customers are consuming, determine what is really driving customer behaviors and let it inform your pricing strategy. You can streamline your highly used functionality based on actual data backed insights and price your products based on actual customer consumption. Track promotion and reseller sales to understand where your marketing is working and where it is not.


An optimal pricing strategy takes into consideration product features, the competition, the brand, the perceived value and a number of other factors, some of which are highly dynamic. You need systems which can easily support an evolving pricing strategy. Accumulus Automate gives you highly flexible pricing capabilities which can easily be adapted via simple configuration, keeping you in full control throughout the growth path of your business.