Signup forms are more than just forms. They're virtual marketing and sales agents charged with converting interested prospects into newly engaged customers. They have a challenging task in balancing conversion objectives with activation data requirements. Their success is measured by how well they secure data needed to successfully activate and provision the new product experience. With Accumulus, you have a range of options for implementing your signup forms keeping you in full control of the customer signup experience and letting you fully automate signups:

  • Create your own signup form and use our API
  • Use a signup form page hosted by us on your behalf
  • Use a plug-in form hosted by us and plugged into a page you create (as shown below)

signup form plug-in


Activating the customer is more than just recording their signup information. It includes the crucial step of getting the customer into the product experience in a timely manner. Accumulus gives you the account creation, provisioning, and customers service tools to activate the customer successfully. Seamless and efficient management of customer account data across products, platforms and channels allows your business to serve customers with less overhead, complexity and costs.