Automatic Billing

Accumulus recurring billing seamlessly integrates all the steps of the recurring billing cycle.

Fee Calculation

Our sophisticated rating engine handles fee calculations accurately and automatically for you at the end of each customer's billing cycle. Simply configure your one time, recurring, and/or consumption based pricing and let the rating engine do the rest. The system keeps track of all fees and payments and you can customize accounts and account codes to match up to your accounting system.

Payment Processing

Secure, PCI compliant, payment processing makes sure your customer's payments are made on time at the end of each customer's billing cycle.

Bill Presentment

The system automatically generates accurate statements and invoices and sends them to your customers at the end of each billing cycle on your behalf. Customize them to re-enforce your brand and build strong customer awareness.


Intelligent configurable dunning automatically retries payments to makes sure you don't leave money on the table.

Customer Service

The customer information manager provides you with a powerful tool for efficient and high quality customer service. With comprehensive customer information at their fingertips, your customer service representatives are equipped to handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.