We help you monetize your premium content, services, and software online. We automatically handle the signup, provisioning, recurring payment processing, fee calculation, bill generation and provide you with a customer service tool to help manage your customers. In addition to flat monthly fees, Accumulus billing supports usage based pricing (allocation and/or metered usage based), free trials, promotions and much more. Our customer management tool gives you a 360 degree view of your customers' interactions with your company.

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503-770-0265 or e-mail us at info@accumulus.com

Accumulus is a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) company that provides online businesses with the web-based billing and business process automation software they need to monetize and optimize their operations. At the heart of the Accumulus technology offering is a best-in-class, subscription management and monetization system that addresses the fundamental need for online businesses to charge for their products and services based on customer access and usage.

Authorize.Net Certified Solution

Authorize.Net manages the submission of payment transactions to the processing networks on behalf of its merchant customers. Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, enabling merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments from Web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) centers or mobile devices.

If you do not have an Authorize.Net merchant account yet, you can apply for one here.